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Who We are

URSTORE SDN BHD is a third-party logistics provider focusing on online retailer(eCommerce) and store business(Offline B2B) industry needs.

Integration of webstore/market store play a part of big roles in eCommerce industry, Our platform for Brand/eCommerce team to mange their brand’s inventory, orders, pricing and catalogue across 100+ marketplaces and eCommerce sites in Asia.

Our warehouse and fulfilment team paired with IT facilities too, meaning that we manage your expectation via Online live update of stock movement and status in our facilities.

Customizing storage space according to business needs, seasonality and on a pay-per use basis. All our facilities are also monitored by CCTV 24/7.

Let us take care of all your eCommerce logistics needs so you can focus on what you do best with reducing cost– nurturing and growing your business!


Our Mission

To offer customized logistics solutions and services that exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.

Our Vision

To become the leading One-Stop fulfillment logistics solution provider throughout Malaysia.

Core Values

Our clients are our bedrock and we strive to build relationships that make a positive impact in their lives.

Value-Added Services

Marketplaces & eCommerce Website Intergrations

Marketplaces & eCommerce Website Intergrations

Our eWMS is intergrated with leading marketplaces and eCommerce webstores enabling fulfillment services to online sellers that simplify they process and reducing manpower cost.

Dashboard & Analytics

Dashboard & Analytics

Web access for Sellers, Merchants, and Customers to our WMS System, helping them access information about order and inventory status 24×7. The Saas System also allows users to create new products and consignments, thus decreasing Customer Support work load.

Integrated Customer Support

Integrated Customer Support

Inbuilt integration with Customer Support tools to accurately access orders, inventory, and consignment status.

Why Choose Us

Secured and Customize Storage

In the widest range of products available, we have manage it before. Don’t worry, we know what to consider in storage with minimum cost of rental.

Technologically Advanced Fulfillment

With eWMS, every steps of the fulfillments process is digitally tracked and traced, resulting in the least error occurrence in the region.

Cloud based Warehouse Management System

Our system allows real time tracking and management of your inventory.

Automated Order Processing

Our system are preintergrated to multiple eCommerce platforms. Now you can enjoy multi-market and segment access, worry no more on updating inventory one by one as we got it addressed for you.

Last Mile Service

Have any preferred shipping company? You may even use your own logistic if you wish for at no cost. Otherwise we would opt for the most cost effective courier selection. Manage local and international deliveries, returns, COD collections with convenient.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for questions & collaborations.

We are interested in hearing your thoughts and ideas for us to help you elevate your business even further. Do contact us for any assistance or collaborations and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.